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I am Vishnu, the Founder and the blogger behind pennycontrol.com.

I am an engineering graduate who, in pursuit of financial independence.

disclaimer : I am not a certified financial adviser.



     After graduation in 2015, I started my career as a software engineer. From that day, I entered into the rat race of living paycheck(salary) to paycheck.

      I was totally confused about managing money. Every time I tried to make ends meet but my success rate is less than 20per cent.

“Things will never be the same”

     Like the above quotes, In 2017 everything has changed I started to think about myself and my financial health, that’s where all my questions arise

  • How to run away from debt while living in the paycheck to paycheck?
  • How to save money for my future/vacation/emergency?
  • How to multiple hard earned money by investing?
  • What is the right time for retirement? ….  

     For all these questions I started to answer myself by reading books, financial blogs, and new papers, where my craving towards financial education starts.

     “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.This book changed my life. I would recommend you to read this once.

     It was an eye-opener for me. My liking for personal finance and investment only grew from there.

     Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki for writing such an inspirational book.

Story behind Pennycontrol 

      Since I am interested in finance, I started to enquire my friends, colleague and family members about their savings and investments. But most of the persons are not aware of their financial health.

       And some are saving money in financial instruments like Fixed Deposit or recurring deposit by believing themselves that they are investing in the right direction, without knowing that their investment is not even beating inflation.

      Pennycontrol is created with an idea of bringing financial literacy to the community, introducing you to various financial instruments which can perform better than the savings accounts and would help your hard earned money grow over time.

“I blog, only to learn and share my understanding of money, with my readers.”

Financial Independence

     With this Blog, I am going to add my way to financial independence.

     What is my route to financial independence?

“Study > Blog > Earn > Invest > Passive Income > Financial Independence.”

      Your feedback is very appreciated. It helps me keep motivated in continuing the work by going an extra mile. I’ll surely work on your suggestions and provide you with an improved version of Pennycontrol.

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     Note : Here I may use some affiliate links to offset the expenses i incur in developing and maintaining this blog.