Income Report

People love talking about passive income online. Blogging is one of the most recommended ways. I have created to experiment how it is working and I want to make a report how much time or effort it takes to make passive income.

Time Spend (hrs) Money Spend(rs) Income from blogging(rs)
26 4463 0

TimeIt is the most precious thing in this world. Everyone trading their time with money so I added this one of the important parameters.

It includes the time not only reading/writing content but also maintaining a website. Creating and maintaining a website is one of the biggest hurdles for the bloggers than writing a post.

In pennycontrol, I have used revenue theme from HappyTheme(FREE). They are offering free as well as paid themes. My recommendation, you can start with some decent free themes initially or if you are consistently worried about the look and feel of your website then go with some premium themes.

Paid Themes:




List of free themes:

The money I spent:

Sep 2018

I purchased a domain from GoDaddy for 2 years: 1268(Rs).

Hosting space from SiteGround for 1year: 3195(Rs).